Scientific program

The scientific program for the symposium will consist of interdisciplinary sessions, which will include invited lectures, review talks and progress reports. A number of contributed papers will be chosen as special reports by the ISACC International Advisory Committee. Other contributed papers will be presented in a poster session. Suggestions about possible candidates for invited speakers should be sent to the ISACC Chairmen (IAC and LOC).

The following plenary sessions are planned:

  • Structure and dynamics of atomic clusters and nanoparticles
  • Structure and dynamics of biomolecules
  • Cluster structure and dynamics on a surface
  • Cluster-molecule interactions, reactivity and nanocatalysis
  • Clustering in systems of various degrees of complexity
  • Clusters and biomolecules in external fields: electric, magnetic, laser etc.
  • Electron and photon cluster collisions
  • Ion-cluster collisions
  • Collision processes with biomolecules
  • Cluster and bimolecular research with Free Electron Lasers