Scientific program

The scientific program for ISACC 2019 will consist of interdisciplinary sessions, which will include invited lectures, review talks and progress reports. A number of hot topic reports will be chosen by the International Advisory Committee of the ISACC 2019 from the submitted abstracts. Other contributions will be presented in a poster session. Suggestions about possible candidates for invited speakers should be sent to the Chairmen of the ISACC 2019. The list of invited speakers will be distributed with the second announcement.

The following plenary sessions are planned:

  • Structure and dynamics of atomic clusters and nanoparticles
  • Structure and dynamics of biomolecules
  • Cluster structure and dynamics on a surface
  • Cluster-molecule interactions, reactivity and nanocatalysis
  • Clustering in systems of various degrees of complexity
  • Clusters and biomolecules in external fields: electric, magnetic, laser etc.
  • Electron and photon cluster collisions
  • Ion-cluster collisions
  • Collision processes with biomolecules
  • Cluster and biomolecular research with Free Electron Lasers